Information for Voters

Who are the candidates in my ward?

2014 Candidate Listing

Who can vote in a municipal election?

In order to vote in the municipal election, you must be a Canadian citizen and 18 years of age as of October 27, 2014, and:

    • a resident of Belleville or
    • an owner or tenant of property in Belleville or
    • the spouse of an owner or tenant of property in Belleville

In order to vote, your name must also appear on the Voters’ List. If your name is not on the list and you are eligible to vote, it can be added right up until election day.

How do I know if my name is on the Voters List?

Voters are encouraged to find out ahead of time if they are on the Voters List and that their information is up to date.

You can check to see if your name is on the Voters' List

What if my name is not on the Voters List or the information is incorrect?

Voters are encouraged to find out ahead of time if they are on the Voters List and that their information is up to date.

You can fill out an Application to Amend the Voters’ List form, by visting the Clerk's Department at Belleville City Hall starting September 2, 2014 or by calling 613-968-6481.

If you mail in your form you must include a photocopy of acceptable identification.

Can I add my name to the Voters List at the voting place on election day?

Yes, but it is recommended that you complete your application sooner in order to avoid delays at the poll on election day.

What are the procedures for voting proxies?

If you are unable, for any reason, to vote on any of the available voting days, you can appoint another person as your voting proxy to vote for you by completing a proxy form.

Who can act as a proxy?

A proxy must be someone who is eligible to vote in the City of Belleville and who you trust to vote in accordance with your wishes. You are allowed to act as a proxy only once for a non-related person. You are allowed to act as a proxy more than once if you are voting on behalf of immediate family members (spouse,   sibling, parent, children, grandparent, and grandchild).

How do I get a proxy form?

Proxy forms will be available at Belleville City Hall Clerk's Department.

The person chosen by the voter to vote for them on election day must personally deliver the form to the City Clerk’s Department for certification. The form must have original signatures.

Can I submit a proxy form over the phone, by fax or by e-mail?

No. Election law does not permit photocopied, faxed or digital signatures on election documents.

Can the voting proxy vote on their own behalf too?

Yes. They would vote at their own voting place if it is different from yours. If you would both vote at the same voting place, they can vote twice at that location, once for themselves, and once as your voting proxy.

Where and when can I vote?

You can vote early online from October 9 to 20, ending at 6 p.m.

You can vote in person at advanced voting locations from October 16 to 18, 2014. Voters from any ward can cast their vote at any one of the following locations:

Thursday October 16, 2014  -  10:00am to 6:00pm
Bayview Mall
470 Dundas St. E., Belleville
Belleville Fire Department - Training Office
240 Bridge St. W., Belleville

Friday October 17, 2014  -  10:00am to 6:00pm
Bayview Mall
470 Dundas St., E., Belleville

Fire Department - Training Office
240 Bridge St. W., Belleville

Saturday October 18, 2014 -  10:00am to 6:00pm
St. Marks United Church
237 Cannifton Road North, Cannifton

On Election Day, Monday, October 27, 2014 at the location in your ward as assigned on your Voter Notification Card.

We encourage voters to take advantage of the advance voting days or Internet Voting in order to avoid the traditional line-ups on Election Day.

What are my options for accessibile voting?

Every effort has been made to ensure that every voting location is as accessible as possible.

You may wish to vote by Internet.  Internet voting is available from Thursday, October 9, 2014 to Monday , October 20, 2014 and provides clear, written instructions. 

If you wish to vote at the polls, please plan to attend one of the Advance Polls on October 16, 17 or 18th or contact us in advance and we can determine how best to help you. 

What is considered acceptable identification to vote?

One piece of ID showing your name and Belleville address is required. The following options are considered acceptable:

  • An Ontario driver’s licence
  • An Ontario Health Card (photo card)
  • An Ontario Photo Card
  • An Ontario motor vehicle permit (vehicle portion)
  • A cancelled personalized cheque
  • A mortgage statement, lease or rental agreement relating to a Belleville property
  • An insurance policy or insurance statement
  •  A loan or other financial agreement with a financial institution
  • A document issued or certified by a court in Ontario
  • Any other document from the Government of Canada, Ontario or a municipality in Ontario or from an agency of such a government
  • Any document from a Band Council in Ontario established under the Indian Act (Canada) 
  • An income tax assessment notice
  • A Child Tax Benefit Statement
  • A Statement of Employment Insurance Benefits Paid T4E
  • A Statement of Old Age Security T4A (OAS)
  • A Statement of Canada Pension Plan Benefits T4A (P)
  • A Canada Pension Plan Statement of Contributions
  • A Statement of Direct Deposit for Ontario Works
  • A Statement of Direct Deposit for Ontario Disability Support Program
  • A Workplace Safety and Insurance Board Statement of Benefits T5007
  • A property tax assessment
  • A credit card statement, bank account statement, or RRSP, RRIF, RHOSP or T5 statement
  • A CNIB Bard or a card from another registered charitable organization that provides services to persons with disabilities
  • A hospital card or record
  • A document showing campus residence, issued by the office or officials responsible for student residence at a post-secondary institution
  • A document showing residence at a long-term care home under the Long-Term Care Homes Act, 2007, issued by the Administrator for the home
  • A utility bill for hydro, water, gas, telephone or cable TV or a bill from a public utilities commission
  • A cheque stub, T4 statement or pay receipt issued by an employer
  • A transcript or report card from a post-secondary school   

Note: It is also helpful if you have your voter notification card with you but it cannot be used as proof of identity.

What offices can I vote for?

Resident property owners and residents who rent property in Belleville  can vote for the Office of the Mayor, City Councillors and School Board Trustees. Non-resident voters who own or rent non-residential property vote only for the Office of the Mayor and ward Councillors.

Where can I get voting results on election night?

Local media will begin to broadcast results soon after the close of the polls on election night.

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