City Concerned with Residents’ Safety

The City of Belleville Building Department, and Fire and Emergency Services Department, have issued Orders against the property at 228 Dundas Street East in Belleville respecting contraventions of the Fire Code and the Building Code Act. To date, these Orders have not been complied with. Despite extensive efforts on the part of the City to work with the owners and various stakeholders to resolve the outstanding issues, no viable plan to bring the property into compliance with the Orders has been provided by the owner to the City. If the Orders continue to be contravened, the City may be required to take enforcement steps which could include orders prohibiting occupancy until the property is brought into compliance.

“The safety of the residents is the primary concern of the City of Belleville, County of Hastings and all of the support agencies,” said Fire Chief Mark MacDonald. “All are working cooperatively to ensure the safety and security of the residents at Bel Marine.”

The various agencies supporting many of the residents in the building have informed the City that due to the ongoing concerns, they are assisting with the relocation of the tenants. The City supports such a move as it will assist in protecting the health and safety of the occupants, including staff and residents, pending completion of the necessary remedial work.

Mayor Taso Christopher added, “Several agencies, the City and the County of Hastings are working with local landlords and hotels to ensure that everyone has a warm, safe place to stay.”

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