Phase 3 A Celebration

BELLEVILLE – A ribbon cutting was held in downtown Belleville this morning to celebrate the completion of   Phase 3A of the City Centre Revitalization and Redevelopment project,  and the reopening of Bridge Street East.

“We are now in the home stretch for completion of the downtown revitalization,” said Mayor Taso Christopher. “The changes we have been making to our downtown infrastructure and streetscape will benefit the City of Belleville for years to come.”    

As with the first two phases, the first part of Phase 3 involved a substantial amount of underground infrastructure replacement and upgrade including new watermains, sanitary sewers and utilities.  Above ground work on Bridge Street East included new asphalt, boulevards, and sidewalks; concrete and brick pavers; new street lights and trees; and fresh new design features such as up lighting and bollard lighting.  All these elements are designed to create an open,  pedestrian- friendly space.

Phase 3B, which includes work on Front Street from Bridge Street East to Dundas Street East and work on McAnnany Street and Market Street, is scheduled for completion in 2018.

The contractor will continue to have a presence in the Downtown as they complete final details and clean-up of the site.

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