Belleville Waterfront Development

Belleville’s waterfront is ripe for redevelopment and the City has a renewed focus on all things waterfront. Our renewed vision will support a vibrant waterfront based on recreation and entertainment, accented with unique commercial and residential opportunities – a true live, work, play and invest platform!

Waterfront Development Process

Step 1: Create a Vision

Past visioning studies have identified many exciting development opportunities on Belleville’s waterfront.  A renewed vision for Belleville’s waterfront will outline how to better utilize assets stretching along the river through downtown to Victoria Harbour, Meyers Pier and Zwick’s Park.

Step 2: Address the Infrastructure Gap

Once the vision is developed – and areas of development opportunity are defined, the City will need to address infrastructure needs – servicing, roads, sidewalks, shoreline upgrades – all beginning with detailed design plans for priority areas along the waterfront.

Step 3: Open for Business

Infrastructure enhancements made by the city will support the attraction of private sector investment.

Project Areas

The possibilities for Belleville’s waterfront development potential are captured in conceptual drawings. Funding has been approved by Council to determine servicing needs, conduct geotechnical investigation, visioning and preliminary design, including architectural concepts.


Project Area


East/ West Zwick’s Park

$500,000 approved in 2018 capital budget for public washroom facilities.

  • New Master Plan that identifies all potential park functions;
  • New and more public washroom facilities;
  • New and more public pavilions to support events;
  • New and better roads/ parking to support all park functions now and into the future;
  • More family activity areas i.e. splash pads, dinosaur dig park, zip lining, waterpark, dog park, recreational trails, family picnic areas;
  • Live bandstand.


Victoria Park

  • A competition rowing /paddling/ yachting centre;
  • Home to regional rowing, paddling and yachting clubs;
  • Restaurant/ conference area;
  • Yacht/ rowing/ dragon boat course in the Moira River;
  • Upgraded roads, parking and site servicing.


Freestone Point

$150,000 approved in 2018 capital budget to support preliminary serving studies.

  • New marina centre;
  • Restaurant/ conference area to support international fishing and other water sports;
  • Courtesy docking;
  • Lookouts/ walkout boardwalk area;
  • Festival and event areas.


East Bayshore Lands

  • Realign the road network to increase land mass that is  associated with the bay;
  • Mixed residential developments;
  • Commercial developments;
  • Increased environmental shoreline enhancements;
  • Floating boardwalks linked to the Bayshore Trail network.


Downtown Centre Block – Belleville Commons

$50,000 approved in 2018 capital budget to support preliminary design/ studies. An additional $32,500 in funding has been received from RTO9 2018 Partnership Fund.

  • Feasibility study for the Market Square, lands in front of City Hall and associated road allowances – Belleville Commons
  • Create redevelopment plan


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