The Belleville Advantage

Belleville is centrally located within the heart of North America, within 500 miles of Toronto, Montreal, Ottawa, Chicago and NYC.

Belleville is the ideal setting to locate businesses requiring access to Canadian, U.S. and International markets.

Belleville was rated the second most entrepreneurial community in Ontario!

Location: Highway 401 corridor links the City to major markets in Canada and the U.S.

Labour & Wages: Competitive wages, skilled workforce available that is well-educated, motivated and efficient, weak union presence;

Transportation: Competitive Costs & Comprehensive service – both Canadian Pacific Railway (CPR) and Canadian   National Railway (CNR) run directly through the City and access the City’s industrial park.  Airport services provided at CFB Trenton (15 km from Belleville) which has a 10,000 foot paved
runway capable of handling the world’s largest aircraft;

Available Land & Buildings: Municipal and private land and buildings available for immediate development at competitive prices;

Training: Post-Secondary Education in the City delivers sector specific training, customized employee training and wage subsidies available, training internships available;

Infrastructure: Competitively priced, reliable and available;

Diverse Economy: The City’s strong, diverse industrial base produces everything from plastics and packaging to auto parts, research & development , distribution, food processing, and customer contact centres;

Communication: State-of-the-art infrastructure consisting of digital switching and fibre optic cabling;

Centre of it all: Belleville is the commercial, employment, institutional, entertainment and cultural centre of the region;

Quality of Life: An inviting blend of urban and rural landscapes with all the amenities to keep you healthy, happy and active.

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