“Our strategic location provides superior access to markets through various modes of transportation.”

Highways & Roads

The Highway 401 corridor provides access to all large markets and Belleville has three interchanges to the highway for your convenience. Provincial highways 37 and 62 also provide direct access to northern regions within the province. Over 120,000,000 people are within one day’s drive of Belleville.


CN Rail owns and operates the largest fleet of equipment in Canada and is the only Transcontinental network in North America. This class 1 railroad can cross the continent east-west and north-south linking the Atlantic, Pacific and Gulf coasts.

CP Rail owns and operates a transcontinental railway in Canada and the U.S. with direct links to eight major ports, allowing access to markets in every corner of the globe.

Belleville has ready access to miles of track as both rail mainlines run right through the heart of the city making your shipping needs fast, efficient and accessible.


Canada’s largest Air Force Base, 8 Wing Trenton, is located just 10 minutes away and is a convenient airport that can accommodate any size aircraft and is available 24 hours a day, 7 days per week.

Toronto’s Pearson International Airport is a short drive from Belleville and provides cargo flights to many U.S. and international destinations. Other convenient international airports within Belleville’s vicinity are Ottawa and Montreal.

Commercial Marine Transport

Offered through the Picton Harbour, just 30km south of Belleville where large boats can be easily accommodated.


Our city has several local and national courier services that offer convenient and affordable standard and custom shipping options. In addition, more than 15 large transportation companies, including custom transporters, are located in the area and can accommodate any standard or custom shipping needs.


Via Rail passenger service provides convenient, affordable connections to all major cities including Toronto, Montreal and Ottawa. To further enhance this service, a new via passenger station has been built in Belleville. This new station complements increased high speed rail service expected between Belleville and several large urban centres.

As a way to support residents and businesses, Belleville operates a transit service that runs seven days per week and travels to most urban areas in the community.

Convenient bus stops and times have been carefully planned to ensure the most efficient and user friendly service possible.
A mobility bus service is also provided to ensure those with physical challenges can readily travel throughout the community.

Beyond the city limits, passengers can travel aboard highway coaches offering regular service to major cities.

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