Chief Administrative Officer

A Message from the Chief Administrative Officer:

Welcome to the City of Belleville on the beautiful Bay of Quinte!

Our Vision: “The City of Belleville will be a healthy, progressive, diverse and economically vibrant community that invests in its future in a financially sustainable and environmentally responsible manner.”

Our Mission: “We, the Council and staff of the City of Belleville, are committed to excellence and openness in local government by ensuring accessible and responsive representation, providing innovative and efficient services in support of our community’s vision.”

Quite simply, we are here to serve our citizens and our community through our core values of honesty, integrity, respect, compassion and professionalism.

As the Chief Administrative Officer, one of my primary responsibilities is to ensure that information about our local government is readily available to you.  This website provides us one way to inform our citizens, businesses and visitors about up-to-date events and important issues facing our City.

I share with our staff the enthusiasm we have for the future of Belleville!  Our staff is working hard to provide services which are relevant to you as efficiently as we can.

As many of you travel throughout our City you will notice that Belleville continues to attract new developments, new businesses and new industries to our City.  Belleville is one of the fastest growing communities in Eastern Ontario!  The great news is that this growth has created a number of employment and business opportunities for our citizens and local businesses.  However to keep pace with this growth, the City has to consider a number of strategic investments in public infrastructure and services to ensure our community continues to grow and continues to provide the levels and types of public services expected. 

This is one of the City’s significant challenges, to provide much needed capital infrastructure to support our expanding City, to maintain the infrastructure we already have and to do so while keeping our municipal taxes as affordable as possible. It’s not an easy job but I can assure each of you that through the direction of the Mayor and City Council our staff is committed to do just that.

Our City will be focusing on a number of significant priorities to help us achieve our mission. 

There are many other projects planned for this year as well in the City so please check our website often for updates and construction notices.

I must say that none of these exciting projects can get completed and none of the on-going City services (for example snow ploughing, refuse collection, recreation programming, etc.) can be provided without the assistance of our staff.

As CAO, I am very fortunate to have an excellent team of senior managers dedicated to ensuring their departments deliver excellence in public service to you each and every day.

The CAO's Biography

The role of the CAO

Senior Management Team

  • Rick Kester, Chief Administrative Officer
  • Rod Bovay, Director, Engineering and Development Services
  • Brian Cousins, Director, Finance
  • Mark Fluhrer, Director, Recreation, Culture and Community Services
  • Mark MacDonald, Director/Chief, Fire and Emergency Services
  • Matt MacDonald, Acting Director, Corporate Services
  • Director, Environmental and Operational Services
  • Karen Poste, Manager, Economic and Strategic Initiatives


Rick A. Kester, B. A. Sc., M. Sc., P. Eng., M.B.A., M.P.A.

Chief Administrative Officer


Chief Administrative Officer Staff Directory


Rick Kester

Chief Administrative Officer


Mary Ann Ker

Executive Assistant to the CAO


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