Environmental Services

The Environmental Services Department is responsible for:

  • operating and maintaining the water treatment plants;
  • operating and maintaining the water distribution system (mains, pumps, towers, related appurtenances, etc.);
  • overseeing the contract for operation of the water pollution control plant;


Telephone 613-968-6481
Fax 613-968-3913

Operations Centre - Main Office at 31 Wallbridge Crescent


Site Selection of Snow Disposal Site in Consultation with exp Services Inc

Environmental Services Contacts


Perry Decola

General Manager, Environmental Services

613-966-3657 x 2223

Kim Payeur

Assistant to the General Managers

613-967-3200 x 3330

Chris Coyle

Supervisor, Waste Water Collection

613-967-3200 x 3311

Richard Reinert

Manager, Environmental Services


Jennifer Adams

Administrative Assistant

613-967-3657 x 2260

Cameron Smith

Environmental Projects Manager

613-969-3200 x 2284

Dan Collins

Water Distribution Superintendent

613-966-3657 x 2289

Darrin Lucciola

Supervisor, Water Distribution

613-966-3657 x 2278

Mike O'Connor

Supervisor, Water Service & Maintenance

613-966-3657 x 2279

Terry Richardson

Clerk Dispatcher

613-966-3657 x 2273

Blair Mackintosh

Compliance Supervisor

613-966-3657 x 2314

Kevin Cardinal

Supervisor, Water Treatment Operations

613-966-3657 x 2200

Sarah Clarke

Lab Operator

613-966-3657 x 2221

Becky MacWhirter

Green Coordinator/Public Education Officer

613-967-3200 x 3219

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