The Finance Department of the City of Belleville is responsible for the provision of financial management, accounting and reporting services in accordance with the laws of Ontario and the by-laws and resolutions of City Council. 

The Department is comprised of four service areas:

• Financial Reporting
• Annual Budget
• Rates & Charges
• Accounts Payable
• Accounts Receivable
• Payroll
• Insurance
• Investment
• Financing
• Asset Management
• Financial Policies & Procedures

• Corporate procurement
• Tenders, Formal quotations, Requests for Proposals
• Sale of Surplus goods

Revenue and Taxation
• Property Taxation billing
• Property Taxation policy
• Payment collection and processing

Water Customer Service
• Water and Wastewater billing and collection
• Water conservation information

For further information contact:

General Inquiries
Telephone: (613) 968-6481
TTY: (613) 967-3768
Fax: (613) 967-3206


Carol Hinze

Director of Finance/Treasurer


Brandon Ferguson

Manager, Finance/Deputy Treasurer


Jennifer Knight

Administrative Assistant

613-968-6481 x 3213

Christine Fradley

Purchasing Supervisor

613-968-6481 x 3301

Amy McMillan

Purchasing Assistant

613-968-6481 x 3203

Susan Howard

Manager of Revenue & Taxation


Christine King

Payroll Coordinator

613-968-6481 x 3239

Kyle Bertrand

Tangible Capital Asset Accounting Coordinator

613-968-6481 x 3294

Janet Baigent

Water: Office Supervisor

613-968-6481 x 2249

Accounts Payable General

Accounts Receivable General

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