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Municipal by-laws are public regulatory laws which apply in a certain area. The main difference between a by-law and a law passed by a national/federal or regional/provincial body is that a by-law is a made by a non-sovereign  body, which derives its authority from another governing body, and can only be made on a limited range of matters. A local council or municipal government gets its power to pass laws through a law of the national or regional government which specifies what things the town or city may regulate through by-laws.

Within its jurisdiction and specific to those areas mandated by the higher body, a municipal by-law is no different than any other law of the land, and can be enforced with penalties, challenged in court and must comply with other laws of the land, such as the country's constitution. Municipal by-laws are often enforceable through the public justice system, and offenders can be charged with a criminal offence for breach of a by-law. Common by-laws include vehicle parking and stopping regulations, animal control, building and construction, licensing, noise, zoning and business regulation, and management of public recreation areas.

Corporate Policy
City of Belleville, Corporate Policies are sets of basic principles and associated guidelines, formulated and enforced by the Chief Administrative Officer and Executive Management Team of the Corporation of the City of Belleville.  Such policies are set to direct and limit actions in the pursuit of long-term goals.

Council Policies
Policies that have been developed to act as guidelines for the elected officials to the City of Belleville.

The procedure for consideration and enactment of bylaws for the City of Belleville are covered under the City of Belleville's Procedural By-law.

NOTE: The By-laws contained on this page are for information purposes only. If you need an actual copy of the By-law please contact Corporate Services - City Clerk's Section.

If you require information on a By-law that is not listed, please do not hesitate to contact the City Clerk's Office at 613-968-6481 Extension 3253.  We will be pleased to assist you.

The following are some of the most frequently accessed by-laws:

City of Belleville Policy Directive -  Enforcement of By-laws

For further information regarding the enforcement of By-laws within the City of Belleville, please refer to our By-Law Enforcement Services

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