Check Your Zoning

How To Check Your Zoning:

To check your zoning, click on the link to access the Belleville Zoning MapThis viewer is prepared for purposes of convenience only, and for accurate reference recourse should be to the original By-laws.

Once you have identified what zone the property is, refer to the corresponding zoning by-law to determine the permitted uses and standards. Click here to find the zoning by-laws.

(NOTE: A change in use requires a Change of Use Permit)

E.g. R1 (3014) refers to the Low Density Residential Type 1 (R1) Zone in By-Law 3014.

The City of Belleville has three zoning by-laws: By-Law 10245, which governs land uses within the urban area of Belleville; By-law 3014, which governs land uses in the former Township of Thurlow; and By-law 2076-80, which governs land uses in the former Township of Sidney.

The by-laws divide the City into different land use zones. The symbols in general, on the zoning map (e.g., R1, R2) are used to locate uses and standards for a specific property. On occasion, special exceptions to the zoning by-law may apply to a property. It is therefore recommended that zoning inquiries be directed to the Planning Division (see contact info below).

Planning Resources

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