Committee of Adjustment

The Committee of Adjustment considers applications for:

  • minor variances from the provisions of the City's zoning by-laws
  • enlarging, extending or changing a non-conforming use
  • determining the permitted use of land where a zoning by-law is written in general terms
  • a consent to divide a parcel of land into more than one lot or as a lot addition to an abutting property or as a lot line adjustment
  • a consent to a mortgage, a partial discharge of a mortgage or validation of title
  • a consent to a lease over 21 years, a quit claim, an easement, or a right-of-way

The Committee of Adjustment also considers appeals of a property standard order including the authority to confirm, modify or quash an order and/or extend the time for complying with the order.

Arbitrate disagreements between adjoining owners where they cannot agree over the maintenance or reconstruction of a line fence which marks the boundary between an owner's land and the adjoining lands. (Thurlow Ward only)

Committe Members:

  • Glenn May-Anderson
  • Brian Miller
  • Chris Ripley
  • Robert Kranendonk
  • Carol Merrill
  • Susan Smith
  • Councillor Sandison
  • Councillor Culhane, Alternate







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