Council Policies

Council Policies - Policies that have been developed to act as guidelines for the elected officials to the City of Belleville.

Policy # CC001

This policy is intended to provide a framework for members of City Council respecting their:

  • attendance at conferences/conventions;
  • attendance at seminars/workshops/training courses, and other similar events;
  • allowable expenses and compensation related to such events and functions.

Policy # CC002

This policy establishes a standard practice for members of Council with respect to use of promotional items provided through the City.

Policy # CC003

The purpose of this policy is to clarify that members of Council are required to follow the provisions of the Municipal Elections Act, 1996, and that:

(a) No member shall use the facilities, equipment, supplies, services, staff or other resources of the municipality (including Councillor Budgets) for any election campaign or campaign-related activities.

(b) No member shall undertake campaign-related activities on municipal property during regular working hours.

(c) No member shall use the services of persons during hours in which those persons receive any compensation from the municipality.

Municipal Investigation Process / Information

Council and Standing Committee Meetings 

Agendas for Council and Committee meetings are posted on the website one to three days prior to the scheduled meeting date. 

Minutes are posted once they are approved, usually the following month.

How to Appear as a Deputation

Citizens have an opportunity to provide information and express their views at City Council meetings. By-law 2007-194 (Part 6.6) outlines the procedures to be followed by those wishing to appear before Council. 

(1)  Persons desiring to be included on the meeting agenda as a Deputation shall contact the office of the Clerk no later than 4:30 p.m. on the Tuesday preceding the date of the next Regular Council Meeting to request to be listed on the meeting agenda as a Deputation, but the Mayor may authorize a Deputation be added to the meeting agenda any time prior to finalization of the meeting agenda.

(2)  Persons wishing to appear as a Deputation and who are not listed on the meeting agenda may appear as a Deputation with support from the majority of the Members present.

(3)  Persons appearing as a Deputation shall be limited to a maximum of 10 minutes speaking time, and where a Deputation consists of more than one person, all persons combined shall be limited to a maximum of 10 minutes speaking time, but Council may, by resolution, grant permission to any Deputation to speak for longer than 10 minutes.

(4)  During or following a Deputation, Members may ask specific questions relating to the presentation for the purpose of clarification without statement or comment.

(5)  Following a Deputation, Council shall adopt a motion: (i) to receive; or (ii) to refer to another item listed on the meeting agenda; or (iii) to refer to a committee or board or City staff for a report; or (iv) to refer to New Business for consideration.

The same rules apply to appearing before any Standing Committee of Council.

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