Development Applications & Fees

Applications & Fees

Preconsultation Meetings occur before a formal planning application is submitted to the City to identify all requirements of a complete application and facilitate streamlined approvals.

Preconsultation for Smaller Applications: to set up a pre-consultation meeting on smaller applications involving only one of the following types of approvals including consents, minor variances, or rezoning of single residential properties please complete this form.

Preconsultation for Complex Applications: to set up a pre-consultation that involves plans of subdivision, site plans, condominium, official plan amendments, rezoning for multi-residential, institutional, commercial, or industrial uses or complex applications that include more than one type of approval, please complete this form.

Official Plan and/or Zoning By-Law Amendment Application

Application for Approval of a Plan of Subdivision and Plan of Condominium

Application for Site Plan Approval

Application for Consent (Severance)

Application for Minor Variance or Permission

Brownfield Community Improvement Program Application

Heritage Permit

Application Fees

City of Belleville Fee Schedule

Quinte Conservation Information & Fees (where applicable)

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