Garbage & Recycling

Purchase Garbage Tags On-Line

The City of Belleville operates a User-Pay Garbage system. Citizens must purchase a $3.00 garbage tag and affix it to each garbage item set to the curb for weekly collection as per BY-LAW NO. 98-175 (PDF).

Residents are asked to place their garbage and recycling at a reasonable distance to the curb to ensure collection, and to avoid blocking sidewalks for pedestrians, or creating potential driving hazards.

Collection Schedules

Tuesday - West of Moira
Friday - East of Moira
Wednesday & Thursday  - Thurlow
Tuesday & Friday - Downtown

Waste and recycling must be at the curb by 7 a.m. on your regular collection day. For more information please contact Transportation & Operations Services, Monday – Friday, 8:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m. at 613-967-3275.

Rules & Guidelines


Disposable bags should be tightly sealed and not weigh more than 50 pounds.

Garbage cans or containers should be reusable galvanized metal or plastic, not more than 17 gallons (77 litres) or 75 pounds in weight, with carrying handles and a secure, water tight lid.

The top item inside the container must display a current bag tag visible to the collector when he removes the lid.

White goods cannot be included in regular garbage pickup. Arrangements for pickup must be made at City Hall.

The bag tag should be looped around the neck of the bag and have it meet at the end producing a little "flag".

City of Belleville should be displayed on one side and the bag tag number on the other side. Please do not twist the tag around the garbage bag as it appears that the tag has been split in half and the waste collector may refuse collection.

Cardboard boxes should be closed and sealed, not more than 24"x24"x42" in size and not weigh more than 50 pounds. Ensure the bag tag is visible to the collector on the outside of the box.


The City of Belleville is a member of Quinte Waste Solutions, the operating name for the Centre and South Hasting Waste Services Board, which oversees the blue box recycling service for the City.  Please visit
for information on the blue box program including information on what materials are accepted in the blue box, how to sort your recyclables, when your collection day is and much more.

Purchase Bag Tags

Bag Tag Retailers in Belleville and Thurlow

Maximum lifts per week

Belleville Ward: 6
Thurlow Ward: 10
Commercial: 16
Downtown: 16*

* 8 on Tues, 8 on Friday

Each bag or container of garbage counts as one lift.

Thurlow Waste Disposal Site & Residential Recycling Depot

The Thurlow Waste Disposal Site and Residential Recycling Depot gives Ward 2 residents the opportunity to recycle and dispose of a wide variety of materials at a centralized location. It is offered in addition to Thurlow’s existing curbside recycling, garbage and Green Bin collection services.

Location & Hours of Operation

1320 Mudcat Road

Wednesday: 8am – 1pm
Saturday: 8am – 1pm

Closed Canada Day, Christmas Day and New Year’s Day


We require that all visitors observe the following when visiting the site:

          • No Household Hazardous Waste will be accepted at the site. Hazardous waste can be dropped off at the
            Hazardous & Electronic Waste Depot at 75 Wallbridge Cres.  Visit for more information.

          • No person(s) shall dispose of garbage or recycling at the site unless such material is generated within the
            boundaries of Thurlow Ward, City of Belleville.

          • All garbage must be separated at the site in accordance with the instructions of the Waste Disposal Site
            Operator or their designated authority.

          • No building material will be accepted at the site (i.e. manufactured wood, drywall, insulation, shingles).

Waste Disposal Site Tipping Fees:

Single bag $    3.00 per bag
Utility Trailer, car, ½ ton (level) truck $  21.00 per load
Single Axle Dump Truck $  79.00 per load
Tandem Dump Truck $131.00 per load

** Tractor Trailer NOT PERMITTED

Tipping Fees – Large Items:

Appliances, chesterfields, chairs,toilets, sinks & bathtubs $10.50 each
Galvanized cold water tank $10.50 each
Hot Water Tank $10.50 each
Box Spring & Mattress $  5.25 each

Passenger Tires, Truck Tires, Tractor Tires, Tire Tubes Please take tires to a registered tire collector. Visit for a collector near you.

NOTE:   An additional $15.00 surcharge will apply when items contain Freon (i.e., refrigerators, freezers, air conditioners) and have not been tagged by a certified person to be empty of refrigerant.

Residential Recycling Depot

At the Recycling Depot, we accept the following items for free:

          • Corrugated Cardboard
          • Printed Paper & Packaging
          • Plastic & Metal Containers
          • Plastic Bags
          • Glass Bottles & Jars
          • Scrap Metal
          • Waste Electronics & Small Electrical Items


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