Geographic Information System (GIS)

Since September 2001, the City of Belleville's Development Services Department has been actively developing a municipal Geographic Information System (GIS) in order to provide city staff with a computer-based tool for viewing and analyzing geographic information.

GIS has been identified as a key technology for the City of Belleville and new and innovative applications are being recognized on a regular basis to improve municipal government efficiency.

This technology and information will be available to the general public via Internet technology from their own home personal computer or at kiosks based in municipal offices in the future.

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What is a Geographic Information System (GIS)?

A Geographic Information System (GIS) is not simply a computer system for creating maps.

A GIS is, first and foremost, an Information System. Software and hardware make up part of this system. The most important component is the collection of information (the database) about where geographic features (properties, roads, utilities, tourist sites, schools, etc.) are located in the City of Belleville.

The collection of information is a complex and never-ending task. Information can come from new digital maps, aerial photography, satellite imagery and complex database. Valuable information can also be taken from older paper maps, existing computer files, filing cabinets full of paper files, and staff experience!

Examples of information for the City of Belleville:

  • Property information, zoning, Official Plan maps, land use mapping
  • Location of city facilities, arenas, parks, pools, schools, libraries
  • Transportation routes (roads, railways, trails)
  • Topographic features (waterways, contours, wetlands)

The 'magic' of a GIS lies in its ability to pull together and integrate all these different kinds of information so that it can be displayed in a single, powerful system. Complex and time-consuming tasks that involved multiple departments can now be conducted efficiently and accurately through the GIS.

Detailed reports, databases, informative tables and charts, and colourful cartographic, or map, images are now possible to create from municipal data.

In the future, detailed satellite imagery and aerial photos will be included as well as mapping for underground/aboveground service networks, transit routes, and tourist sites.

Available GIS Mapping Services

Custom Colour Map (96" wide plot) - $90.00
Custom Black and White (96" wide plot) - $70.00
Custom Colour Map (36" wide plot) - $20.00
Custom Black & White Map (36 " wide plot) - $15.00
Custom Colour Map (24" wide plot) - $15.00
Custom Black & White Map (24" wide plot) - $10.00
Custom Colour/ B & W (8 ½ " x 11" up to 11" x 17") - $5.00

Labour Charge - $50.00/hr

(Includes data transformation, file transfer, analysis, creation of map images, spreadsheets, database, and/or tables)

Digital Data:

Digital Parcel Mapping (SHP/DWG format, NAD83) $2.00/parcel

(Property boundary with assessment roll number)

Note: All rates are exclusive of HST (please refer to City of Belleville By-Law Number 2003-135 below)

If you have any questions/comments, please feel free to contact:

David Kirkley
GIS Coordinator -- Corporate Services / Information Technology Department
Telephone 613-967-3200 Ext. 3237

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City of Belleville By-Law Number 2003-135

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