Graffiti Hotline

The City of Belleville has created a Graffiti Removal Hotline as a Public Service, allowing citizens to report graffiti vandalism on PUBLIC PROPERTY within the City of Belleville. Concerned citizens are urged to report sightings of graffiti on public property to the Graffiti Hotline Team, available 24 hours a day

Telephone: 613-968-6481, Extension 3526

or E-mail @

Please describe as clearly as possible, the location of any Graffiti and when possible include your contact information in the event further clarification or follow up is required.  All reports will be forwarded to the appropriate department and City staff for removal.


If you see individuals in the act of defacing property with Graffiti, please call the Belleville City Police at 613-962-3456.

Research has shown that graffiti vandalism decreases the sense of public safety, threatens the enjoyment of parks and open spaces, lowers property values and reduces investment within a community.

We encourage the public to assist the City in decreasing graffiti vandalism while increasing the Public’s awareness about this crime.

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