Heritage Planning

The conservation of Belleville's heritage is an important part of the City's commitment to creating a sustainable community. The Ontario Heritage Act provides legislation to protect Ontario's Heritage Resources. Our heritage is what makes us unique. Heritage resources can take many different forms including:

  • buildings and structures;
  • streetscapes, landscapes and heritage conservation districts;
  • cemeteries and archaeological sites; and
  • documents, photographs and artefact collections.

Heritage Register

The Heritage Designation is a legal process under the Ontario Heritage Act that gives a property a special status. Designation is registered on the title of the property when the process is complete.

At all stages of the process, the owner retains control of the property. Designation is a tangible way for the owner to express pride in the heritage nature of the property. From the community's point of view, designation protects and preserves its architectural history.

Heritage Belleville assists the owner in obtaining a plaque denoting the property's heritage status.

Properties identified as having cultural heritage value or interest are designated under Part IV of the Ontario Heritage Act are an essential part of a municipality’s role in heritage conservation. Below is a list of heritage properties in the City of Belleville that:

• Recognizes the properties for cultural heritage value or interest in the community;

• Demonstrates Council’s commitment to conserve cultural heritage resources;

• Enhances knowledge and understanding of the community’s cultural heritage;

• Provides a database of properties of cultural heritage value or interest for land use planners, property owners, developers, the tourism industry, educators and the general public;

• Should be consulted by municipal decision makers when reviewing development proposals or permit applications; and

• Provides interim protection from demolition.

Heritage Properties

Heritage Map (coming soon)

Heritage Belleville

Heritage Belleville is our municipal heritage committee and is comprised of citizens appointed to the committee who are interested and knowledgeable about heritage matters.

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