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The City of  Belleville is pleased to offer Pingstreet to its residents and visitors, giving them real-time access to current services and information within the City.  Pingstreet is an application for your mobile device(s) that  is currently available from all major app stores online. Please select a compatible app store below to download this app.

The City of Bellevile's pingstreet application currently offers the following:

Transit image - tile Connect to the City of Belleville Transit system complete with maps
Garbage Recycling image - tile Find out garbage and recycling dates in your area as well as waste facility information.
Events image - tile Find out about events happening in the Belleville area.
Road Closures image - tile View which roads and trails are closed or under construction on a map.
Trails image - tile Find public trail maps for Belleville.
News Image - Tile Review the current News from City Hall
Report a Problem Image Tile Easily report problems, complete with location coordinates, and the option to include a photo. Report on graffiti, parking complaints, pot holes and more.
Notification Centre Image - tile Get push notifications about important events to your smart phone.

The Pingstreet App is for mobile devices only.  To install it,  search for Pingstreet in your device’s App store and follow the instructions to install. If you are currently using your mobile device to access this webpage, just click matching button below for a direct link to the Pingstreet App download.
Blackberry iPhone/iPad Android Windows
link to Blackberry world link to Apple App Store link to Google Play Apps link to Windows App Store

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