Planning Advisory Committee

The Planning Advisory Committee wishes to establish a set of guiding principles to direct its work. These principles are intended to act as an unofficial guide for the Committee as it considers new development within the City of Belleville, but should not be considered to have any legal standing.

The Planning Advisory Committee is of the opinion the City needs to consider new ideas regarding the growth of Belleville and generally supports the following:

  • New development should be encouraged within areas of the City that are currently serviced with municipal sewer and water.
  • The use of incentives to support intensification of development in areas with existing services.
  • Mixed-Use designs within new subdivisions that result in walkable neighbourhoods designed for people, not just cars.
  • Variety of housing designs in new subdivisions (“no more fields of beige bungalows”).
  • The use of tools within Provincial Brownfield legislation to encourage the re-use of existing Brownfield sites.
  • Implementation of the Downtown Master Plan to support intensification and residential growth in the City Centre.
  • The concept of new development “paying its own way” through the use of Development Charges.

The Planning Advisory Committee supports proper environmental and land use planning to encourage development that recognizes, protects, and enhances the natural environment of the City, and the following:

  • Maximizing the retention and protection of existing trees and vegetation in all new developments.
  • Consideration by the City of a Tree Preservation By-law. 2
  • Encourage open green spaces, including natural corridors of native vegetation.
  • Consideration by the City of a Site Grading By-law.

The Planning Advisory Committee supports new development that enhances the quality of life for residents through the following:

  • Creation of recreational trails throughout the City based on a Trail Master Plan to be developed by the Recreation & Community Services Department, in consultation with the Planning Advisory Committee and the Development Services Department.
  • Enhancement/Replacement of outdated or unsafe Parks equipment in existing parks, and the construction of new equipment in new parks in a timely and cost efficient manner.

The Planning Advisory Committee is committed to working with our development industry partners to ensure the needs of the industry and the City are met equally, in a manner that supports good development; and supports the following:

  • The creation of a new Subdivision Manual that details the City’s standards, policies, and procedures regarding the development of new subdivisions.
  • Maintaining and improving the City’s existing partnership with the Quinte Homebuilders Association through ongoing and regular consultation.
  • Encourage in-fill development through the application of reduced development fees, where appropriate.
  • Make development decisions predictable, fair, and cost effective.

Planning Advisory Committee
1. Councillor Carr
2. Councillor Sandison
3. Councillor Culhane
4. Councillor Kelly
5. Councillor Williams
6. John Baltutis
7. David Joyce
8. Kathryn Brown
9. Paul Jennings
10.Mayor Panciuk, Alternate
11.Councillor McCaw, Alternate

Agendas are posted prior to the monthly PAC meeting.

Minutes are posted upon approval at the following months meeting.

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