Preparation of annual audited financial statements and related reports
Financial Statements

Preparation of City's operating and capital budgets
Operating Budget
Capital Budget

Rates & Charges
Establish annual tax, water and wastewater rates

Development Charges review and update

Coordinate review and revision of fees bylaw
Water/Wastewater Rates Schedule

Development Charge Studies

Fees Bylaw

Accounts Payable
Corporate payment services

Accounts Receivable
Invoicing for city services (excludes property taxes, recreation and water charges)

Processing of corporate payroll

Management of City’s insurance policies

Investment of surplus funds

Completion of annual credit rating review

Preparation of long term capital plans

Preparation and management of grant applications

Issue of long term debt for capital projects
2012 Standard & Poors Credit Rating

Asset Management
Accounting and reporting related to City’s tangible capital assets

Financial Policies and Procedures
Establishing, developing and maintaining financial systems, policies and procedures

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