169 Front Street (Market Square)

Municipal Address:
169 Front Street, Belleville, ON K8N 2Y7

Legal Description:
City of Belleville Market Square, being that property bounded by McAnnany Street, Market Street, Pinnacle Street and the Rear of

Market Site

Date Designated:
September 7, 1993; By-Law #13480

The original town plan in 1816 reserved land for a market, immediately to the east of this site. In the 1840's the present site was selected for the central market. A market building was erected at the east end in 1849 and a much larger market building (now known as City Hall) was erected at the west end in 1872-1873.


The Market has played a major role in Belleville's history; the Market Square is a visible reminder of the importance of agriculture to Belleville's growth. After Samuel Wilmot laid out the plan for a village at the mouth of the Moira in the spring of 1816 (on land originally set aside for Mississauga Indians), the government reserved several lots for public purposes. These lots were for a future court house and gaol, hospital, district grammar school, Anglican church, burying ground and rectory, and a market. Originally located west of the present site, the market soon was relocated south of Dundas Street. By the 1840's most vendors moved to the present site, although fish and wood markets continued elsewhere. In the early 1850's, a substantial, two-storey, brick, public market building was built at the east end of the market square. Several private market buildings stood around the square. Finally, the present city hall was built in 1872-1873 as a market building and town hall. Town offices occupied the second floor and most of the first floor was an indoor market. There were several exterior doors, most of which were converted later to windows, although it is still possible to see where they were.

Other Information:

Numerous newspaper articles and City of Belleville correspondence and documents concerning the designation and restoration of the Market Square; copies of Market Civic Square Committee Minutes and By-laws, on file.

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