193 George Street

Municipal Address:
193 George Street, Belleville, ON K8N 1C2

Legal Description:
Part of Lot 10, Plan No. 1

Although this house has no outstanding architectural characteristics, it is reflective of Georgian Classic houses built in the m

Date Designated:
June 13, 1988; Residence By-Law #12453

Built in 1863 by William Davy, this home is of brick construction and consists of a main building facing George Street and an attached section at the rear referred to as a "kitchen". The wooden brackets under the eaves are simple and slightly curved and lend themselves to the simplicity of the design. The windows are symmetrically placed across the front of the house. The windows are topped with flat arches. Between the kitchen and living room are two Greek columns and another two straddle the fireplace in the living room. The hardwood floors have oak and cherry in them. The newel post has a flowery design carved into it.


First owner, Robert Tannahill; present owners, Ken and Joy Martin. "Coach House" type of garage added 1996.

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