209 John Street

Municipal Address:
209 John Street, Belleville, ON K8N 3E8

Legal Description:
Lot 13, Plan 1


Date Designated:
September 5, 1989; Residence By-Law #12753

Two and a half storey brick structure with a stone foundation and bargeboard decorated gables on all sides. Most of the windows have segmental arches, excepting two rectangular windows on the north side and all of the windows inside the gable which are perfectly arched. The windows are accented with brick and stone arched lintels. The entrance consists of a small white porch with decorative jagged wooden sheathing around a flat roof, supported by four white pillars. Above the entrance is a dormer window protruding from the roof.


Before this home was built, an 1845 map indicates a smaller building on the same lot.

Other Information:

More information on the details of the house on file.

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