6 Willard Street

Municipal Address:
6 Willard Street, Belleville, ON K8P 3N1

Legal Description:
Part of Lots 11 and 12, on the north side of Willard Street and west side of Mary Street

Regency Cottage

Date Designated:
December 16, 1985; Residence By-Law #11843

Built 1849; single storied with a central doorway and one large window on each side. The facade features stone lintels, bush hammered with a chiseled margin, over the door and windows. The window sills are also bush hammered. Below the hipped roof is a dentil-like row of rowlocks, alternately projecting and flush with the brick walls. Wooden brackets under the eaves have been removed and are in storage for replacement at an appropriate time. The off-centre stone kitchen at the rear was probably built at the same time as the brick portion. It features a cooking fireplace at the west end. Walls and ceiling of this wing are wood panelling with a chair rail.


William Powers was the first owner of the Queen's Hotel. This house was owned by members of the Powers family until 1911.

Other Information:

Correspondence and other documentation on file.

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