2018 Mayor’s Ride With Prince Charles Public School

Mayor Christopher went back to school again this year for the annual Mayor’s Ride, an initiative to encourage local students to ride their bikes. Taking place during the Bay of Quinte Bike Month these rides have been demonstrating local cycling infrastructure including many new bike lanes around Belleville. For years Council members, students and others have been experiencing biking through Belleville alongside the Mayor as part of these rides.

For the second year in a row the Mayor’s Ride has been a student and school partnered event. This morning Mayor Christopher led the staff and students of Prince Charles Public School on a 1.4km ride to morning class. With assistance from Belleville Police Services and the City’s Green Task Force, riders used nearby trails and bike lanes to make their morning commute a little more active.

“Starting with a ride to school we want to help young people choose cycling as a safe way to get around their town,” declared Mayor Christopher. “These rides are about education and encouragement for our future commuters.” Events like these across many communities have been followed by significantly more students riding their bikes to school. Locally the Mayor’s Ride continues to establish positive relationships with healthy, active school communities.

Green Task Force representative Jennifer McTavish also continues her involvement with the Mayor’s Ride. “On behalf of the Green Task Force, and the YMCA of Central East Ontario, I am proud to help with this terrific active transportation event in our city.” She adds, “Our Annual Mayor's Ride promotes safe cycling to students and families but also reflects a commitment to improve our community health.”

Prince Charles Belleville organizer Jake Wallwork thanks the many community partners who have come together to support the ride. “We have been lucky enough to form some amazing community partnerships with local organizations and businesses. The Ride with the Mayor event has been an amazing culmination of these.” He went on to recognize the donations from “tons of local organizations including Shoeless Joe's, The Belleville Senators, Belleville Police and The Children's Safety Village. PCB is incredibly fortunate to have such amazing community support!”

“To achieve our school improvement goals for student well-being, our school has been learning about the importance of physical fitness as part of a healthy lifestyle,” added Principal, Stephanie Taylor-Harvey. “We’ve been creating opportunities for our students to get moving on a daily basis and supporting healthy choices for nutrition as well. We’ve been very fortunate to have the support of numerous community partners in our efforts. The City of Belleville’s ‘Ride with the Mayor’ is a stellar example of how our wonderful community works together to support the health and well-being of our students and their families. Biking to school using Belleville’s new bike lanes creates a safe and active way for our students to travel to and from school. With Mayor Christopher and the City of Belleville’s help, we hope to promote cycling to school as a healthy choice for our students that boosts activity levels and increases well-being.”

Bay of Quinte Bike Month continues throughout June with several events meant to get kids, adults and everyone in between out on their bikes. For a full list of bike month events, check out, http://hpepublichealth.ca/healthy-living/share-road.

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