Belleville Environmental Services Provides Assurances Regarding Lead Levels

The media has recently published articles on lead in drinking water in Canada. City of Belleville Environmental Services would like to assure Belleville residents the City has been proactive with regard to this in our community.  The City of Belleville completed an extensive five-year sampling program in 2013 to determine potential threat levels in the distribution system. 

Annually, the Ministry of the Environment, Conservation and Parks requires the City to sample a set number of distribution samples. In 2018 all samples were below the Ontario Drinking Water Standard and can be found in schedule 15.1 of the Summary and Annual report on page 10.

The City’s drinking water leaves the treatment plant lead-free and is distributed through water mains down each street lead-free. Drinking water only comes into contact with lead when it reaches the service line from the water main to an individual property and/or in the plumbing and fixtures within individual homes and buildings. 

Some homes that were built prior to 1989, that have not had services replaced, could potentially have lead in their drinking water because of internal plumbing. As the use of lead service lines was phased out in 1975, this only affects older homes in older neighbourhoods. Homeowners can request testing if they suspect they have lead services or fixtures within their home.

Concerns or additional questions can be directed to the General Manager of Environmental Services:

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