Belleville Homeowners Concerned with Water Levels

Rain forecasts for the upcoming weekend may have Belleville residents concerned with water levels around their homes. Worried individuals are encouraged to contact the City of Belleville Fire Communications dispatch number at 613-962-2010 and provide their name, phone number and the residential property of concern. Belleville Fire & Rescue will send an Assessor to determine the needs of the property.

“There are sandbags and sand ready for deployment,” assured Fire Chief Mark MacDonald. “As with previous flood events, we are monitoring the water levels closely and are aware of which properties are impacted first.”

The Quinte Conservation link below enables residents to see the current flow rates for the Moira River. The river is currently steady, with most of the tributaries decreasing and none increasing. The forecasted heavy rain may change conditions and increase flow.

Water level updates are available on the Quinte Conservation website: To view the water levels page go to: , on dashboard top right click “water management and levels”, then on the top of the right hand list click “water levels”.

Please exercise caution and contact 613-962-2010 if concerned regarding the water levels on your property.

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