Belleville Transit: Ward 2 Transit Survey Online Now

Belleville Transit needs your voice to help shape the future of transit in the city.

City Council has requested that Transit develop a report outlining possible service delivery options to provide transit services in Ward 2. Transit staff are conducting mail-out and online surveys to determine the level of demand for those specialized services.

Residents of Ward 2 and those that regularly travel into and out of Ward 2 are asked to complete the survey so that staff can provide the best information possible to Council, and build the best serve option for Ward 2 transit customers.

All residents of Ward 2 will receive a hard copy of the survey in the mail to fill out and send back, or have the option to complete the survey online at:

If you live in Ward 2 and have not received your survey in the mail by Monday, June 24, please call Belleville Transit at 613-962-1925.

Please note that completion of this report does not guarantee that service to Ward 2 will commence. This is an information-gathering process to determine the need for service and, if needed, how it could be delivered most effectively.
We thank you for your help in this process.

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