City Debuts Signature ‘Belleville’ Sign

BELLEVILLE – Belleville City Council and the Lighting Display Committee are pleased to announce the City’s new signature BELLEVILLE sign will make its community debut this Saturday, June 9th at West Zwick’s Park. The timing of the sign’s completion and arrival is ideal, aligning with the beginning of the summer event season.

The impressive eight foot high by 40 foot long sign is permanently mounted on a trailer and will be transported throughout the City as a visual signature at community events. Constructed with extremely durable materials for year-round outdoor use, the sign features programmable LED lights with the versatility to be changed to display 14 different patterns, each activated to compliment the season or event in progress.

The ‘I’ in the sign is removable so residents and visitors can step on to the trailer and become a part of the sign as the ‘I’ in BELLEVILLE. It’s a fun photo opportunity that carries the memories and image of Belleville well beyond our region as guests and tourists leave our City. The sign is fully accessible with both stairs and a ramp - everyone can be a part of a signature BELLEVILLE photo opportunity.

Mayor Christopher states, “This new BELLEVILLE sign will become a significant feature at events throughout the City and will form an important part of the memories made in our community by residents and visitors.”

“I’m so pleased this fully accessible and customizable sign is ready in time for the 2018 event season,” added Councillor Garnet Thompson, Chair of the Lighting Display Committee. “The portability of the sign will ensure it is seen and enjoyed by everyone throughout the City.”

The sign was unveiled at the waterfront on Friday evening and residents are encouraged to be a part of the BELLEVILLE sign’s community debut at the Pride Party in the Park in West Zwicks on Saturday, June 9th, 2018.


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