City of Belleville Needs Large Trees for Christmas Displays

As part of its annual Christmas lighting program, the City of Belleville will remove select trees from local private properties to place in strategic locations throughout the City during the upcoming holiday season. 

Residents or businesses who have a 24’ (7.4 meters) or higher spruce tree on their property they would like to donate, may contact the City of Belleville Parks and Open Spaces division.

City staff will inspect the tree, and if deemed suitable for the Christmas tree program, will arrange for the removal of the tree at no cost to the land owner. These trees will be installed at various sites across the City.

Tree removal equipment will be required to access the tree so trees on a side street or in the side yard are usually the most suitable for this purpose.

After the holiday season, the donated trees will be chipped and used as mulch in the City’s ongoing park program.

For more information on donating spruce trees, please contact the City of Belleville Parks and Open Spaces office at 613 967-0036.

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