City of Belleville on Alert in Response to Quinte Conservation Flood Warning

The City of Belleville is prepared to act in response to Quinte Conservation’s Flood Warning issued today. Quinte Conservation has advised that although the rainfall was less than the anticipated 65 mm this weekend in the Belleville region, the rain anticipated for April 23rd will extend water level peak times on the Moira. The City is monitoring the water levels and preparing for flood response.  Properties that normally flood will. Residents are advised to take the necessary precautions to protect their property, including ensuring sump pumps are working and belongings are removed from basement floors.

Belleville residents concerned with water levels around their homes are encouraged to contact the City of Belleville Fire Communications dispatch number at 613-962-2010 and provide their name, phone number and the residential property of concern. Belleville Fire & Rescue will send an Assessor to determine the needs of the property. Localized road washouts have been reported throughout the Quinte Watershed. Please obey all road closures and signs.

“Through past experience we know which properties are impacted first and have already started to reach out to these residents,” assured Fire Chief Mark MacDonald. “There are sandbags and sand ready for deployment. We ask that residents exercise extreme caution along the waterways. The cold, swiftly moving water makes these areas treacherous and we ask you to avoid them until levels decrease.”

The Quinte Conservation link below enables residents to see the current flow rates for the Moira River.

Water level updates are available on the Quinte Conservation website:

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