City Of Belleville Parking Equipment & Policy Updates

The City of Belleville has introduced Parking Equipment and Policy updates to provide residents with improved parking options. The modernization of Downtown Pay and Display parking machines in City-owned parking lots continues as all units have been upgraded to allow for credit card use except those in the Wilton Lot. This lot will be upgraded when Phase 3B of the Downtown Revitalization project is completed.

Overnight parking is now available in the central portion of the Downtown Riverside parking lot where signed. This allows for overnight parking in two of the City’s Downtown lots, the other being a portion of the Riggs Lot on Pinnacle Street.

Council also approved a set fines increase relating to parking infractions throughout the City which was implemented on April 2, 2018.

Also recently passed by Council was an amendment to the City’s Traffic Bylaw containing comprehensive on-street parking restrictions in the vicinity of Belleville General Hospital.  All abutting property owners received a notice of the proposed changes in the fall of 2017. When the appropriate signage has been installed, area residents and visitors to Belleville General Hospital will be asked to adhere to the restrictions to avoid being ticketed.

“These updates have been determined by Council after considerable deliberation  and discussion with residents,” said Director of Corporate Services/Clerk Matt MacDonald.For further details regarding City of Belleville parking visit: BELLEVILLE.CA.

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