Date Set for Ribbon-Cutting Ceremony at New Belleville Police Station

Today Mayor Mitch Panciuk was pleased to announce a date has been set for the official ribbon-cutting ceremony to mark the opening of the new, much-anticipated Belleville Police Station.  On Wednesday, July 29, 2020, City officials will join Belleville Police Service to formally recognize their new location at 459 Sidney St.

The new design for the police station was developed after input was sought from a variety of stakeholders, including the community and Belleville Police Service members. The design called for a 67,000 sq. ft. building to address policing needs, almost twice the size of their current location, and included a completely new radio system infrastructure with a 200 ft. on-site antenna tower. The building is designed as ‘post disaster’ for extra structural strength.

Over 73,000 concrete blocks are being used in this construction, 4500 steel studs, 1800 sheets of drywall, miles and miles of electrical and communications wires, 15 high energy heating, ventilation and air conditioning units and the solar system will be reinstalled once the project is complete.

A key feature of the new building is a community boardroom that will be available for use by non-profit community organizations in Belleville. Belleville Police Service wants the community to understand that the police building is a building of the people and as such, they want to work with community groups that do so much to support Belleville. The station will include a state-of-the-art forensic evidence examination facility that incorporates positive and negative pressurized rooms.  The K-9 program will be operational, and superior safety and security systems are in place.

“We, as a community, look to Belleville Police Service, to keep us safe,” stated Mayor Panciuk. “Our sense of well-being is deeply rooted in our sense of personal safety, which impacts our overall quality of life. Belleville Police needed the tools to do their job and do it well - the new facility resources will give them this support.”

“As policing continues to become more and more complex in the execution of our duty, it is mission critical that we have a policing facility that addresses our training needs, sufficient space for our members, and a building that is a post-disaster standard,” added Deputy Chief Michael Callaghan. “We eagerly await the opening of our new location to allow our members the opportunity to complete their duties in a workplace that will enhance the effective and efficient delivery of our community safety plan. Our goal is to make Belleville the safest community in Ontario.”

Live coverage of the ongoing construction is available for your viewing at:

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