Emerging Issues Addressed in Technical Brief to Support Official Plan Update

The City of Belleville is currently undertaking an Official Plan Update as required by the Planning Act. To ensure this plan includes emerging issues that are relevant to our current community environment, the City commissioned consultants to complete a technical brief addressing affordable housing – a priority identified at the Housing Summit held in March 2019.

The Technical Brief outlines Emerging Policy Issues along with recommendations which serve as the basis to determine public input before the policies and schedules of the new Official Plan Update are prepared. Priorities identified by City Council at the Housing Summit expanded the Terms of Reference for the Official Plan to include modernizing housing policies, intensification policies and mixed use policies in order to increase the supply of lands available for medium and high density residential development which will ultimately increase the supply of rental units in the City of Belleville. Other actions are necessary and will be addressed as required by the Provincial Policy Statement to ensure the Updated Official Plan is approved by the Ministry of Municipal Affairs.

Those wishing to provide comments on Emerging Planning Issues - Technical Brief – are asked to do so in writing to mtmacdonald@belleville.ca by September 10, 2019.  If additional time is required to provide comments, please email planning@belleville.ca  to advise staff of this requirement.

The Planning Advisory Committee will consider an information report from staff on the Technical Brief September 3, 2019.  The report will be published on the City’s website by Thursday, October 29, 2019 at 4:00 pm. A further opportunity for comments will be made available once the policies are drafted. The City hopes for final approval by February 2020 based upon feedback from the Ministry of Municipal Affairs.

For further information visit: https://belleville.ca/city-hall/page/2018-official-plan-review

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