Flood Water Watch Updates:

The City is monitoring water levels & preparing for flood response. Properties that normally flood will.

Residents are advised to take the necessary precautions to protect their property, including ensuring sump pumps are working and belongings are removed from basement floors.

Residents concerned with water levels around their homes are encouraged to contact the City of Belleville Fire Communications dispatch number at 613-962-2010 and provide their name, phone number and the residential property of concern. Belleville Fire & Rescue will send an Assessor to determine the needs of the property.

If elevated water levels cause concern for your well water quality contact Public Health at:613-966-5500.

Water levels and current flow rates can be followed at Quinte Conservation: http://quinteconservation.ca

Sandbags and sand are ready for deployment. The City is not calling for volunteers at this time. If the need should arise we will post the message asking for assistance.

We ask that residents exercise extreme caution along the waterways. The cold, swiftly moving water makes these areas treacherous and we ask you to avoid them until levels decrease.

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