Forecast Rainfall Prompts Safety Warning along Waterways

The long weekend is approaching quickly and with it comes a forecast for approximately 35 – 65 mm of rainfall expected throughout the Quinte Conservation Watershed. In low lying areas, the rain will runoff into the rivers and create additional surface ponding. The soil is saturated from the high levels of rainfall experienced over the last few weeks and will not allow for the absorption of much rainwater.

The City of Belleville asks residents to exercise extreme caution. River banks and shorelines are very dangerous at this time of year. Culverts, bridges and dams should be avoided due to the increase in water levels.

In an April 17, 2019 release from Quinte Conservation Watershed, Watershed Resources Manager, Christine McClure said, “Rivers will respond quickly and waterfront property owners on the Moira, Salmon, Napanee, Black, and Skootamatta Rivers who experience periodic flooding should take the necessary precautions to protect their property.”

“We’re asking residents to avoid these areas until the water levels recede,” says Director of Emergency Services/Fire Chief Mark MacDonald. “Be sure your sump pumps are working. Conditions are being monitoring and residents with concerns can contact Belleville Fire Dispatch at 613-962-2010.”

Water level updates are available on the Quinte Conservation website:

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