Municipal Comprehensive Report of Urban Serviced Area Available for Review

The final report of the Municipal Comprehensive Review of Urban Serviced Area, Official Plan Update has been completed and is available for viewing at: . This plan was updated according to relevant comments received at the Public Information Centre (PIC) and public presentation held on June 3, 2019.

The analysis was conducted by Watson & Associates Economists Ltd. and they determined the City has sufficient residential, commercial, community facility, and employment lands for the next 20 years within its urban boundary.

The current Official Plan was adopted by City Council in 2001 and approved by the Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing in January of 2002. Through the current Official Plan Update, the policies of the Official Plan will comply with current provincial policies and legislation while implementing or enabling identified City priorities such as updated intensification policies, mixed-use policies, and a Housing Community Improvement Plan.

“The City of Belleville’s Strategic Plan identifies nine strategic themes,” stated Stephen Ashton, Manager, Policy Planning, Engineering and Development Services Department.  “This report aligns with each of the strategic themes and the City’s mission statement by providing innovative and efficient services in support of our community’s vision.”

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