Parking Guidelines Recommended for Affordable Rental Housing

The 2019 Housing Summit concluded with a list of actions to address the housing shortage in Belleville. One of the initiatives was to revise the parking requirements for affordable rental housing. City of Belleville Engineering and Development Services (EDS) has been working diligently to develop guidelines for these reductions and their recommendations will be presented to City Council at the Feb. 10 Council meeting.

The guidelines consist of four parts:
• four case studies of affordable housing in southeast Ontario
• discussion on parking requirements in Ottawa and Peterborough for converted dwellings and second units
• overview of Belleville’s existing parking regulations and their impact on affordable housing developments
• guidelines for the City of Belleville on granting parking variances based on best practices

“In the spring of 2019 we held the first ever Belleville Housing Summit as a Special Meeting of City Council, which brought forward a number of recommendations designed to jump-start a plan to create more housing for our City,” said Mayor Mitch Panciuk.  “The revision of the parking guidelines is a valuable component of our overall plan. City Council and City Staff are working together, as quickly as possible, because we know there is an urgent need for more housing.”

EDS Planning Services has posted the guidelines they will be recommending to Council at: and welcome any questions or comments at:

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