Phase 3B Construction in Downtown Belleville

A ribbon cutting was held in downtown Belleville this morning to officially mark the start of Phase 3B construction - the final installment of the City Centre (Downtown) Revitalization and Redevelopment Project.

Phase 3B includes work on McAnnany Street, Market Street and Front Street (from Bridge Street East to Dundas Street East). The project starts on March 5 with the closure of McAnnany Street. Work will then move to Market Street and finish up on Front Street. Construction is scheduled for completion in October 2018.

Downtown construction in 2018 will be in close proximity to City Hall, an important fact that Dana Barnett, Capital Projects Coordinator noted. “In every Phase access to local businesses has been a priority and City Hall is no exception”, said Barnett. “We want to reassure the public that during construction, City Hall will remain open & there will be no change to City services or hours of operation.” She added that access to other local businesses and parking lots in the area will also be maintained and The Farmers’ Market will operate as usual.

As with Phase 1 and 2 and Phase 3A, construction in Phase 3B involves a substantial amount of underground infrastructure replacement and upgrades including new watermains, sanitary sewers and utilities. Above ground work will include new asphalt, boulevards, and sidewalks; concrete and brick pavers; new street lights and trees; and fresh new design features. All these elements are designed to create an open, pedestrian-friendly space.

Construction activity will result in some displaced parking so the City has made available two (2) hours of free on-street parking in the area on Bridge Street East and on Pinnacle Street – south of Bridge Street East. Parking meters will be covered to indicate where the free parking is available.


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Dana Barnett, Capital Projects Coordinator, Tel: 613-967-3200, ext. 3336
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