Quinte Conservation Predicts Peak Levels in Lake Ontario

The City of Belleville Emergency Management committee met this morning to receive lake front water level updates from Christine McClure of Quinte Conservation. The updated forecast predicts that Lake Ontario water levels are now at or near their peak. Unless significant rainfall occurs, levels are anticipated to remain stable or decline slightly in the coming week – slowly declining into the summer months. Wind speed and direction will also impact water levels.

For the safety of all, residents are reminded to avoid flooded areas in the city, including: Victoria Park and Harbour, Bayshore Trail, Zwick’s Park Trail, South George Street and Harbour Drive. Please note that driving on closed roadways is an offense accompanied by a substantial fine.

Belleville Police Services has provided updated drone footage taken yesterday which can be viewed online at:

. A live feed of Victoria Park water levels will also be made available to residents at: youtu.be/SA47R15aCwk.

Those at risk of or currently experiencing flooding in their homes are encouraged to visit: https://www.esasafe.com/assets/files/esasafe/Newsroom/ESA-Fee-Waiving-Announcement-FINAL-050719.pdf for safety tips.


Actions Taken to Date:

Bayshore Trail is completely closed – Herchimer Avenue to George Street and up to Victoria Park. Sections of the Zwick’s Park trail have also been closed. This is for public safety and we ask you - please respect this decision.

Water level increases in Victoria Park prompted the closure of the west leg of the access roadway and the conversion of the east leg roadway to accommodate two-way traffic. This enables local boat owners to continue to have access to their boats. Signage is posted warning motorists to exercise extreme caution.

To minimize wake damage, Victoria Harbour is closed to all but local boat traffic. The City asks that boaters respect this restriction. ‘No Wake’ signage is posted in Victoria Park Harbour. Please respect this directive and encourage others to do the same.

Additional sandbags were placed along the end of Meyers Pier to shield guests of the Pier Patio and BBQ from ‘wave waters’.

Water walls have been placed along Meyers Pier to control waves impacting the pier.

Sections of South George Street and Harbour Drive have been closed.

Crews have elevated South Church and John Streets to enable residents to access their homes.

Concrete blocks were put in place to contain water levels in these areas.

City representatives continue to monitor and communicate with residents in the impacted areas.

George Street boat launch is currently open but no longer accessible from Harbour Drive. Conditions are being monitored and if this launch is closed, City crews have prepared for boaters to use the Herchimer Avenue launch.

Residents are asked to:

Belleville residents concerned with water levels around their homes are encouraged to contact the City of Belleville Operational Services Customer Line at 613-967-3275 and provide their name, phone number and the residential property of concern. City staff will assess and determine the needs of the property.

Residents are cautioned to stay out of the water which has flooded onto municipal property. Sharp objects and debris present potential injury.

With the high water levels and current rainfall conditions residents can expect some surface water ponding.

Exercise extreme caution along shoreline - fast moving water and cold temperatures are safety risks.

Residents are advised to take the necessary precautions to protect their property, including ensuring sump pumps are working and belongings are removed from basement floors.

Non- area residents:

For the safety of all, please avoid this area - submerged roads are unstable and can collapse. Driving on closed roadways is an offense accompanied by a substantial fine.

Valuable resources:

Quinte Conservation for active water levels and flow rates: quinteconservation.ca

Hastings Prince Edward Public Health: hpepublichealth.ca

Electrical Safety Authority: esasafe.com

Operational Services Customer Line at 613-967-3275 to contact Flood Assessors

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