Teens Join ‘Mayor’s Hunt for History’ Contest to Learn and Score Great Prizes

Mayor Mitch Panciuk, in collaboration with the Hastings County Historical Society, has created an interactive contest for Belleville high school students, the Mayor’s Hunt for History “That was Then – This is Now.” The contest is a perfect way for students to learn about the history of Belleville and its amazing landmarks while competing for great prizes.

Some historic photos from our Community Archives have been selected and uploaded to the City website at: Belleville.ca/MayorsHistoryHunt. Participants are asked to recreate three of their favourite shots from the list. Submissions will be judged on how accurately they depict each image so students are encouraged to pay attention to the angles of their shots. Once they’ve recreated three photos, students need to complete the secure online submission form page at the above-noted link, as well as upload the three photos they have taken. Bonus points will be awarded to students who include a brief description of each photo with a caption on the history of the location (e.g. when it was built, what it was used for, how it is being used now, etc.).

We also encourage students to get involved and share the fun by posting a selfie at each location with the #MayorsHistoryHunt to social media.

The city is filled with history, stories waiting to be told. All Belleville high school students are invited to participate either as a group, with each individual submitting their own entries, or on their own. The contest will be open for submissions until Oct. 15.

“As the Mayor of Belleville, I am so proud of our city’s history,” Mayor Mitch Panciuk said. “We have worked closely with the Hastings County Historical Society to create a valuable learning experience that will engage Belleville high school students. I am eager to kick-off this exciting event so our city teens can have fun while exploring their roots – and let’s not forget, they’ll be taking home some great prizes!”

The prizes for this year’s contest can’t be beat! Thanks to the Belleville Senators for generously agreeing to provide a Belleville Sens Experience along with some great team swag. One lucky winner will be inviting a group of friends to join them at the Breakout Belleville Escape Room & Axe Throwing, while others will enjoy an evening at the Cineplex.  That was Then – This is Now – be a part of it!

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