Foxboro Bridge Deck Reinforcement

Property Location:
Foxboro Bridge (Ashley Street, Foxboro)


March 2018

Project completed.

Project Manager

Stan Czyczyro


Project Details

This project originally included the rehabilitation or replacement of the existing Foxboro Bridge structure, across Palliser Creek, including guiderail and road work to accommodate the new structure. The rehabilitation of Ashley Street from Tile Drive to Ducette Road has been approved as a separate project and combined with this bridge project to ensure coordination of the two projects. 

Complex environmental issues are delaying the final design for the replacement/rehabilitation of the bridge and road. The bridge condition was monitored during this period and in 2017 the condition of the bridge changed and a load limit had to be imposed to preserve the integrity of the structure. As the rehabilitation work has been delayed, a long-term temporary repair strategy involving the reinforcement of the Palliser Creek Bridge superstructure was proposed by the design engineers for this project. This reinforcement strategy will allow the load limits to be removed and will allow the City of Belleville to defer any further work for up to 10 years.

Project Update:

  • Reinforcement of the Bridge was completed in March 2018.  The contractor is still on site to complete incidental clean-up
  • This reinforcement work extends the life of the structure by as much as ten years.

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