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The City of Belleville Community Arts & Culture Fund (BCACF) through the authority of City Council and the Grant Committee, provides grants to local art groups and organizations to foster creativity at all levels and enrich how Belleville residents experience and engage with the arts.  The City Council allocated public funds ($25,000 in 2015) are transferred to the BCACF as an investment in Belleville’s cultural capital to foster cultural vitality and to increase the capacity of the arts community to create and produce artistic works of performance.  The Fund is intended to enhance the community’s cultural life and cultural economy and helps promote financial stability and sustainability, but as noted above, BCACF Program funding for each year is contingent on City Council budget decisions. It is important that diverse identities, perspectives, languages, cultures and artistic practices are recognized, experienced and supported.  It is acknowledged that this program should be accessible to all who qualify, and as the administrator the City of Belleville (COB) will endeavor to ensure it is responsive to the needs identified by the community by facilitating BCACF to nurture the quality and capacity of the arts and culture sector in Belleville.

The COB Grants Committee oversees the BCACF and reviews the guidelines and effectiveness of the administrative procedure of the BCACF program annually.  If there are substantive amendments recommended they will be referred to COB Council.  At this time, the BCACF is a ‘Project Based’ grant funding program. Until the COB City Council enacts a ‘core based funding’ model, all allocated funds will be directed to a ‘Project Based’ funding program.

Funding provided by the City under this program, as administered by the COB City Council and the Grant Committee, must be used to further the applicant’s non-profit activities and may not be used to further profit venture or for-profit partner.  It must also not be intended or used for major capital purposes including but not restricted to the purchase of land, equipment, fixtures or physical facilities.

Media Releases

April 24, 2019     Correction to Grant Committee Application Deadline

April 24, 2019     Arts and Culture Grant Writing Workshops


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The Belleville Community Arts & Culture Fund Review Team:

The COB Grant Committee will ensure that the BCACF is properly administered and make recommendation to Council each year as to who receives grants and the value of each grant.  The Grant Committee will discuss the make-up of the Belleville Community Arts & Culture Fund Review Team (BCACFRT).  The BCACFRT will be a seven (7) member team made up of:

• Council Member on the Grant Committee (who will act as Chair, Councillor Mitch Panciuk)
• One representative from the Quinte Arts Council (QAC)
• One representative of the Belleville Arts Community
• One member of the Cultural Community
• The Curator of the J.M. Parrott Art Gallery
• The Archivist of the Community Archives of Belleville and Hastings County.
• The Curator of the Glanmore National Historic Site of Canada

Members of the Grant Committee:

Chair, Councillor Mitch Panciuk
Councillor Jackie Denyes
Councillor Paul Carr

General Inquiries should be directed to:   
Krista Keller, Administrative Assistant

Project and more detailed inquiries should be directed to:
Mark Fluhrer

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