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Please Note: The Water Customer Service office is temporarily closed until further notice. If you require a new water account, whether you have purchased property or are renting, please complete the contract at the bottom of this page and submit it to the e-mail address provided on the contract.  Payments on account can be made online, at any financial institution or by mail to 183 Pinnacle St., PO Box 939, Belleville K8N 5B6.  For further assistance please contact the Water Customer Service office at 613-966-3657.

The Water Finance & Customer Service Section is responsible for the Treasury & Accounting functions as well as Billing, Collections and Customer Service within the city owned and operated Water Utility.

Paperless billing is now available through Belleville Water. Please click here for details.

The Administrative section of Belleville Water is located at:

183 Pinnacle Street
Belleville, ON, K8N 3A5
Telephone: 613-966-3657
Fax: 613-969-1944

Water Finance is responsible for:

  • Accounts Payable
  • Cash Receipt & Deposit functions
  • Accounting processes including General Ledger, Journals, Reports, Reconciliation and Analyses
  • Purchase Orders

Water Customer Service is responsible for:

  • Billing of Residential and General Service sewer and water consumption
  • Secure deposits / letters of credits for residential and industrial accounts
  • Collect customer accounts and process customer payments

Further information regarding the Distribution & Treatment provided through Belleville Water is available under the Environmental & Operational Services section of this website.

New Customers

If you have purchased property within the City of Belleville, you need to complete a Residential or Commercial Service Contract online or in person at the Water Customer Service Office.  If you are renting property within the City of Belleville, please visit the Water Customer Service Office to complete a service contract.

Owners and Tenants

  • The City of Belleville will assign water accounts to tenants of single family dwellings only. 
  • Accounts are setup in person by the tenant at the Water Customer Service Office where a service application is completed
  • Tenants must provide proof of identification
  • A security deposit is required from all tenants that have not established a good payment history with the City of Belleville.  The deposit is due 2 weeks after the new account is established.
  • When a Tenant moves out, the account is redirected back into the Owner’s name unless a new Service Contract is completed at the Water Customer Service office to support a new tenancy. Each time the name on the account changes, it is considered to be a new account, and a new account fee is applicable.
  • Water accounts for multi-unit properties are the responsibility of the property owner as indicated in By-law 2009-09 Part III (7).  A property owner may choose to redirect the water bill to the tenant however the property owner is ultimately responsible for all unpaid water bills should the tenant chose not to pay .
  • Tenants of multi residential units may be considered if a landlord can prove by way of inspection, that the water meters attached to the individual units are located in a separate secured meter room not accessible by persons other than the property owner or City of Belleville staff.  A key to the secured meter room must be provided to permit access to metering equipment for general maintenance or for disconnection of the service.

Bill Calculation

Water Meters

Water meters are the property of the City and are installed at customer premises by Water staff.  There is no charge for the meter or the installation work.  Most services are provided with a 5/8” meter which is typically installed where the water supply enters the building, either on the outside wall or inside the basement.
Water Consumption

Residential water consumption will vary depending on the number of residents and the amount of time they spend at home.  The following graph was taken from an AWWA study on the residential end use of water.

If you would like to receive a paperless copy of your water bill, simply e-mail your request to waterbilling@belleville.ca.  Please include your name, address and account number along with your request.

Payment Options

  • In Person - By cash, cheque and debit card at Water Customer Service or City Hall, 169 Front Street
  • Mail - Send your cheque to City of Belleville, Water Customer Service, P.O. Box 939, Belleville, ON K8N 5B6
  • Banks & Other Financial Institutions - Payments may be made in person or through your bank’s telephone or internet banking services.  Please ensure your water account number is correct.
  • Pre-Authorized Payments - Fixed monthly and actual bill plans are available.  For more information, refer to the Pre-Authorized Payment Plan form or call 613-966-3657 ext. 2243.
  • After Hours Drop Box - Located at City Hall.  Cheques only please!
  • Credit Cards - Visa and MasterCard payments are may be made online using <Paymentus> or by phone at 1- 877-831-6390. Please note a convenience charge will apply.


High water bills are usually the result of:

  • Malfunctioning toilets (consistently running/not shutting off; water level is set too high)
  • Leaky faucets
  • Malfunctioning automatic trap fillers
  • A change within the household such as new tenants, more people residing in the household or visitors
  • New appliances such as a water cooled air conditioner, dish washer, heating system or lawn sprinkler
  • Leaking outdoor taps

In almost every case, the cause of the high bill can be traced back to the the homeowner’s plumbing. To check for leaks, locate the “trickle indicator” – a small red or black triangle on your water meter. Ensure water is not running in the house or building, and then check to see if the trickle indicator is turning, moving or shaking.  If it is, water is flowing through the meter indicating that there is a leak somewhere in the plumbing. The homeowner is responsible for all plumbing repairs and maintenance. The City is not responsible for internal plumbing leaks. 

To check if your toilet seeps, lift the lid off of the water tank , drop in some food colouring or a dye tablet and wait for 20 minutes (do not flush the toilet during this time) If colour appears in the toilet bowl, the rod and ball assembly or flapper requires adjustment or replacement. 

Leaks can be very costly therefore it is important to make periodic checks of all plumbing. Toilet dye tablets are available at no charge at the Water Customer Service office located at 183 Pinnacle Street.


Q. If I should have a question about my water bill or would like to discuss payment arrangements who should I contact?
A. Water Customer Service billing staff at 613 966-3657 or speak to a representative at the Water Customer Service Office located at 183 Pinnacle Street

Q. How often will I receive a water bill??
A. Water and Wastewater billings are issued bi-monthly for residential customers and monthly for non- residential customers.

Q. How do I set up a new water account with the City of Belleville?
A. If you have rented property in the City of Belleville, service applications are completed at the Water Customer Service office located at 183 Pinnacle Streett. Please bring proper identification. All government issued Identification is acceptable. If you have purchased property in the City of Belleville applications may be completed at the Water Customer Service office or online by accessing the New Customers section.

Q.  How can I pay my City of Belleville water bill?
A.  See Payment Options Above

Q. Who do I call if there are problems with my meter?
A. Concerns about the functionality of your water meter should be directed to the Water Distribution, Customer Service Foreman at 613 966-3657 Ext 2279.

Q.  My water consumption is higher than normal??
A.  Running toilets, leaky faucets, adding residents or sprinkler systems could be to blame.

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