Cannifton Planning Area Water Pressure Study and Storage Master Plan

In recent years significant development has been taking place within the Cannifton Planning Area and this development is expected to continue into the future until the area reaches its full build out potential.

In recent years the City has been receiving reports of low pressures in some areas of the isolated pressure zone within the Cannifton Planning Area of the City of Belleville.  Recent updates have been completed to the Cannifton Booster Pumping Station and an extension of a 600 mm feeder main from Olive Street to Adam Street was completed to help improve pressures.

Past engineering studies of the City’s water distribution network have suggested that elevated storage or other methods may be required to provide adequate pressures to the Cannifton Planning Area  based on full build out potential.  As a result the City is now undertaking this project to evaluate the issue and develop immediate, mid-term and long term solutions.

Notice of Study Completion

Final Report

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5

Project Schedule

Notice of Study Commencement and 1st PIC

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