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Development Charges Background Study

Development Charges Background Study Addendum

The information provided below is intended only as a guide. Interested parties seeking further information should contact the City of Belleville Engineering and Development Services Department at Belleville City Hall.

Within the City of Belleville there are three development charges. There is a city-wide development charge that applies to all lands in the City of Belleville.  Please refer to Table 1 (see Related Download below).  In addition, there are two area-specific development charges that apply to specific lands in Belleville. The location of the area-specific development charges are shown on Maps 3 and 4 (included within the Related Download below)

Development charges are payable prior to issuance of a building permit.

The following uses are exempt from development charges:

  • lands owned by and used for purpose of a municipality, local board thereof, or board of education;
  • private schools as defined in the Education Act;
  • a place of worship classified as exempt from taxation under Section 3 of the Assessment Act;
  • hospitals under the Public Hospitals Act;
  • a non-residential farm building;
  • development creating or adding an accessory use or structure not exceeding ten square meters of non-residential floor area;
  • the enlargement of an existing residential dwelling unit, or the creation of one or two additional units where specified conditions are met;
  • the enlargement of the gross floor area of an existing industrial building where the gross floor area is enlarged by 50 percent or less; and

The schedule of development charges is adjusted annually as of January 1st each year, in accordance with the most recent twelve month change in the Statistics Canada Quarterly, “Construction Price Statistics”.

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