Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Street Reconstruction

Will vibrations from heavy machinery affect my property and valuables?
Take all precautions to secure valuables on your property. Heavy construction machinery can cause vibrations.

What do I do with my fences, landscaping and watering systems?
You may be required to move and rebuild these features as a result of the reconstruction of your street. Please contact the Project Manager for further information.

Will there be an interruption in my water service?
You will experience temporary water service disruptions while the existing system is being transferred over to the temporary one, and when it is transferred back after completion. All disruptions will be as short as possible, and you will receive an advanced notice when this will occur.

What will happen with my garbage, green bin and recycling pick-up?
Every effort will be made to ensure that collection occurs normally on your street. If required the contractor will assist in transporting your waste to a pick-up point if your regular location is obstructed by construction. It is advised that you label all receptacles with your address to ensure they are returned to you.

Will my driveway access be interrupted during the reconstruction?
This will occur from time to time during various stages of the project. You will be notified in advance and the contractor will work with you to make alternate arrangements.

What will be done with the boulevards after construction?
Grass boulevards will be reinstated by seed or sod. These areas will be maintained by the contractor for a certain time to ensure the grass establishes itself. After this time the responsibility reverts back to the property owner.

Who do I contact for more information about my street reconstruction?
Please refer to the Capital Construction Projects page of the website to see who the Project Manager is for your street. General questions can be emailed to

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