Please see below for a list of our ongoing projects throughout the City. The projects listed under Capital Construction are projects which were either already underway before Build Belleville, or are part of our regular yearly Capital Construction Program. Belleville City Council approved $91.53 million in infrastructure upgrades and maintenance in the first stage of the Build Belleville strategy. If you would like to learn more about the Build Belleville Projects please follow the link below.

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Belleville Road Reconstruction FAQ

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Build Belleville Projects

Bay Bridge Road/Dundas Street West

Follow this Link to view the Project Update November 2014 The first phase of the Bay Bridge Road/Dundas Street West project included constructing the new south approach for the proposed structure, which is now complete. The subsequent...

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Capital Construction Projects

Alexander & Forin Street Sewer Separation

Presently, there are no storm sewers on these streets, and storm water is directed to the sanitary sewer system. A new storm sewer will be constructed to remove the stormwater from the sanitary sewer. The project will include:...

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Ashley Street Reconstruction

Ashley Street, from Tile drive to Mudcat Road, is in need of a full reconstruction. The stormwater drainage will be improved and the existing storm sewer will be replaced along with the road surface. Work includes intersection...

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Bell Creek Bridge Rehabilitation

This structure was identified as the City's highest priority structure, (of those not already being studied or worked on). Based on 2014 inspections, rehabilitation is expected to include deck waterproofing and asphalt resurfacing,...

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Cedar Street Reconstruction

The section of Cedar St. from Catharine St. to Moira St. West is experiencing water quality issues. The watermain will be replaced along with the street surface and sewers.

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Cycling Network Implementation Plan - 2016 Projects

Transportation Master Plan In May 2014, Council endorsed the new City of Belleville Transportation Master Plan. A need for cycling infrastructure was identified and a cycling network was developed at a series of three Open Houses....

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Cycling Network Implementation Plan - 2017 Projects

The City's Transportation Master Plan includes a recommended Belleville Cycling Network to accommodate and promote active transportation.  A Cycling Implementation Project Plan has been developed based on the top priority...

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Jones & Reid Street Watermain Replacement

This project will see the complete replacement of the existing watermain on Jones and Reid Street to address water quality concerns. After the installation the road surface will be reinstated.

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Sidney Street Watermain Replacement

The watermain on Sidney Street between College Street and Maple Avenue has been identified by Environmental & Operational Services as a priority for replacement. There is a significant break history associated with this section....

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University Avenue Watermain Replacement

This 500m section of watermain is currently experiencing  water quality issues. The watermain will be replaced and the street surface will be reconstructed.

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Recently Completed Projects

Adam Street Booster Station Upgrades

The City of Belleville will be upgrading the Adam Street Booster Station which supplies municipal water to the Cannifton Planning Area (CPA), located North of Highway 401 in the Thurlow Ward of the City of Belleville. The proposed...

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Bay Drive Watermain Rehabilitation

The watermain on Bay Drive was experiencing water quality issues. The watermain was rehabilitated. The sanitary sewer was also repaired where necessary.

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Black Diamond Road Watermain Extension

Black Diamond Road is currently serviced by a 150mm watermain from University Avenue. Very low pressure and flow from the existing service has been an ongoing problem in this area.  This project would see the installation...

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Bridge Street Lower Bridge

Bridge Reopened to traffic on October 2nd 2014 IMPORTANT! The Bridge Street Bridge will be closed on June 17. Click here to see details. Follow the link to read the Project Update. After a detailed investigation was completed in...

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Coleman Street Reconstruction

Follow this link to view the Public Information Centre (PIC) display boards for this project from Wednesday May 6 Presently, there are no storm sewers on this section of Coleman Street, and storm water is directed to the sanitary...

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College Street East Extension

With the expansion of Belleville's industrial land it is necessary to increase access and services to accommodate for future growth. This project will extend the road surface 600 meters and extend the existing storm, sanitary...

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Dundas Street West Sanitary Sewer Extension

The continuation of the Sanitary Trunk Sewer construction project that started last summer on Dundas Street West, from Avondale Road to Avonlough Road, will begin on May 25th and last for approximately one month. There will be...

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Elvins Gardens Road Resurfacing

The surface of Elvins Gardens is ranked as the second worst road section in the urban serviced portion of the City for pavement condition (PCI 3.3). There is no storm sewer on this street and the Northern section has shallow asphalt...

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Foster Avenue Road Resurfacing

Foster Avenue has no curbs or gutters and the edge of the roadway is gravel in some places. The underground infrastructure, while older, has no history of breakage. Foster Avenue also has a high volume of traffic. The existing...

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Grove Street

Grove St. had a combined sewer system which needed to be separated. During this project the watermain was replaced and new storm and sanitary sewers were constructed. The road surface was also replaced including new sidewalks,...

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Moira Street West Bridge Rehabilitation

Follow this link to see the Project Update from June 2014 The age of the original Moira Street West Bridge is unknown. It was originally constructed as a single lane bridge with cast in place concrete abutments, concrete beams...

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North Park Gardens Reconstruction

Asphalt paving, concrete curb and gutter, ditches replaced with storm sewers, new watermain, sanitary repair where needed.

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Sidewalk Repair and Replacement

Each year City sidewalks are inspected and their condition assessed.  Funding has been allocated annually to repair and replace damaged sidewalk sections.

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Sidney Street 401 Overpass Asphalt Pathway

Sidney Street at the crossing of the 401 is a location with high pedestrian usage. The Sidney Street Overpass has been identified by the public as a location used by pedestrians to cross Highway 401. To assist pedestrians in using...

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Vermilyea Road Resurfacing

Vermilyea Road has reached the stage in it’s life cycle where rehabilitation is needed to head off a total reconstruction. The project saw the existing asphalt surface pulverized and a new surface was created. By undertaking...

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