Build Belleville

Build Belleville is a multi-year Capital Project and Infrastructure Program that was established in 2013. There are 22 infrastructure projects in the program. Each project was strategically selected and linked to economic growth to ensure that the balance of the infrastructure gap can be financed through increased revenues from this economic growth. Visit the Build Belleville page to learn more.

Engineering Capital Construction Projects

The following projects are being administered by the Engineering and Development Services Department. View the EDS newsletter by clicking here

Alexander Street Sewer Separation

Presently, there are no storm sewers on these streets, and storm water is directed to the sanitary sewer system. A new storm sewer will be constructed to remove the stormwater from the sanitary sewer. The project will include:...

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Bridge Street West Cycling Facilities

The City's Transportation Master Plan, 2014 has identified a recommended cycling network to accommodate and promote active transportation.  This includes a recommended cycling route along all of Bridge Street.  Bike...

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Catharine Street Pedestrian Bridge Replacement

The existing Catharine Street Footbridge will be replaced with a new wider structure capable of accommodating pedestrians, cyclist and light service vehicles and will include a viewing platform at midspan and decorative LED lighting. ...

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City Centre (Downtown) Revitalization & Redevelopment

Work was completed in 2012 to establish an Intensification Plan for the City Centre as a follow-up to the 2006 Downtown Master Plan.  In order to implement this Intensification Plan it is necessary to upgrade the existing...

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Environmental Assessment & Preliminary Design - Sidney St and College St W Intersection Improvements

This project is for an Environmental Assessment and Preliminary Design for improvements for the Sidney Street/College Street West intersection and Sidney Street south of the intersection to the bridge over the CN Railway. There...

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Haig Road - Station Street Extension

The extension of Haig Road and Station Street has long been planned as a requirement for the City dating back to the Transportation Plan from the City’s 1975 Official Plan. In the 1980’s planning for the development...

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Herchimer Avenue Reconstruction

This project is the reconstruction of Herchimer Avenue from Dundas Street East to Keegan Parkway.  This section of Herchimer Avenue provides a link between Dundas Street East and the East Bay Shore Trail, however there are...

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Holmes Road Sanitary Sewer and Road Reconstruction

In response to resident requests, the City of Belleville has approved proceeding with the design and construction of a new sanitary sewer system on Holmes Road. The project includes design of a new sanitary sewer and a full reconstruction...

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Latta Bridge Rehabilitation

The recommended rehabilitation option is a concrete deck overlay which would extend the life of the structure for another 25 years. The ovelay rehabilitation will include:  a 50 mm scarifying of the concrete deck and approach...

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Mineral Road and Maitland Drive Reconstruction and Servicing Extension

Mineral Road This project is the reconstruction of Mineral Road to extend Municipal Services from Millennium Drive to Maitland Drive.  Servicing studies for the Cannifton Secondary Plan Area have identified Mineral Road as...

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Mudcat Road Rehabilitation

The project will involve the rehabilitation, widening and addition of new asphalt on this 5Km section of road. Project Update *To avoid disturding potential habitat for the Blanding Turle, which is listed as a Species at Risk in...

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Northeast Industrial Park - Road & Sidewalk Upgrades

The City of Belleville has allocated funds in the Build Belleville program for upgrades to the Northeast Industrial Park.  The Project will be done in two phases and will include the rehabilitation of roads as part of Phase...

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Reid Street and Jones Street Watermain Replacement

The Jones and Reid Street area experiences water quality issues as a result of cast iron watermains installed in the 1930's. This project will involve watermain replacement, sanitary repairs as required and asphalt resurfacing.               ...

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Sidney Street Corridor

During the 2017 Capital Budget process this project was amended and expanded to include the Tracey Street and Tracey Park Drive intersection realignment and widening of Sidney Street between Tracey Street and Bell Boulevard including...

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Sidney Street Watermain Replacement

The watermain on Sidney Street between College Street and Maple Avenue has been identified by Environmental & Operational Services as a priority for replacement. There is a significant break history associated with this section....

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Strachan Street, South Park Street & Cameron Street Sewer Separation & Road Reconstruction Project

The City is committed to remove all combined sewers.  Presently storm water is directed to the sanitary sewer on Strachan Street.  This project will move forward with this commitment by installing new separate storm and...

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Wastewater Treatment Plant Upgrades

Since 2010 staff have been working with the Ontario Clean Water Agency and Engineering Consultants to optimize the operations of the existing plant.  This project involves the design on an initial strategy that results from...

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Projects Completed in 2018

The following projects were completed by Engineering and Development Services in 2018:

Projects Completed in 2017

The following projects were completed by Engineering and Development Services in 2017:

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