Please see below for a list of our ongoing projects throughout the City. The projects listed under Capital Construction are projects which were either already underway before Build Belleville, or are part of our regular yearly Capital Construction Program. Belleville City Council approved $91.53 million in infrastructure upgrades and maintenance in the first stage of the Build Belleville strategy. If you would like more information on the following projects, please visit the Build Belleville website.

 Bay Bridge Road and Dundas Street West   Boundary Road
 Bronk Road    City Centre (Downtown) Revitalization and Redevelopment  
 College Street East Extension    Environmental Remediation  
 Farnham Road    Foxboro Bridge  
 Grass Boulevard    Herchimer Avenue  
 Mineral Road and Maitland Drive    North Park Gardens  
 Northeast Industrial Park    Old Madoc Road  
 North East Feedermain    Old Highway 2  
 Police Station    Solar Fit  
 Wastewater Treatment Plant    West Riverside Trail  

Click the link below to learn what to expect if your street is going to be reconstructed...

Road Reconstruction FAQ

Capital Construction Projects

Alexander & Forin Street Sewer Separation

Presently, there are no storm sewers on these streets, and storm water is directed to the sanitary sewer system. A new storm sewer will be constructed to remove the stormwater from the sanitary sewer. The project will include:...

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Ashley Street Reconstruction

Ashley Street, from Tile drive to Mudcat Road, is in need of a full reconstruction. The stormwater drainage will be improved and the existing storm sewer will be replaced along with the road surface. Work includes intersection...

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Bell Creek Bridge Rehabilitation

This structure was identified as the City's highest priority structure, (of those not already being studied or worked on). Based on 2014 inspections, rehabilitation is expected to include deck waterproofing and asphalt resurfacing,...

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Cedar Street Reconstruction

The section of Cedar St. from Catharine St. to Moira St. West is experiencing water quality issues. The watermain will be replaced along with the street surface and sewers.

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Cycling Network Implementation Plan - 2017 Projects

To view 2017 Cycling Project Schedule, please click here. The City's Transportation Master Plan includes a recommended Belleville Cycling Network to accommodate and promote active transportation.  A Cycling Implementation...

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Jones & Reid Street Watermain Replacement

This project will see the complete replacement of the existing watermain on Jones and Reid Street to address water quality concerns. After the installation the road surface will be reinstated.

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Sidney Street Watermain Replacement

The watermain on Sidney Street between College Street and Maple Avenue has been identified by Environmental & Operational Services as a priority for replacement. There is a significant break history associated with this section....

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University Avenue Watermain Replacement

This 500m section of watermain is currently experiencing  water quality issues. The watermain will be replaced and the street surface will be reconstructed.

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Recently Completed Projects

Coleman Street Reconstruction

Follow this link to view the Public Information Centre (PIC) display boards for this project from Wednesday May 6 Presently, there are no storm sewers on this section of Coleman Street, and storm water is directed to the sanitary...

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Sidewalk Repair and Replacement

Each year City sidewalks are inspected and their condition assessed.  Funding has been allocated annually to repair and replace damaged sidewalk sections.

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