Foxboro Bridge / Ashley Street

Property Location:
Foxboro Bridge and Ashley Street Foxboro

Bridge Construction - $1.0 Million - Ashley Street Preliminary Design $100,000


Design on hold. Reinforcement of Bridge in progress.

Project Manager

Stan Czyczyro


Project Details

This project will include rehabilitation or replacement of the existing Foxboro Bridge structure, across Palliser Creek, including guiderail and road work to accommodate the new structure.

Approved in the Capital Budget is the design of Ashley Street fron Tile Drive to Ducette Road.  Work includes intersection improvements at Ashley Street and Frankford Road. The preliminary design for Ashley Street has been partnered with the Foxboro Bridge project.

Project Update:

• Detailed design of the Foxboro Bridge project and the reconstruction of Ashley Street from Tile Drive to Ducette Road have been combined to ensure project coordination. Complex environmental assessment issues have delayed completion of the final design for both projects. Asphalt patch repairs were completed in summer 2017 on Ashley Street to preserve the road base and improve ride quality until such time as the final design can be completed.
• A recent inspection of the Foxboro Bridge noted deterioration of the structure. As a result of current condition a by-law to implement gross vehicle weight limits on the bridge was put in place. A temporary repair of the structure was completed in October 2017.
• The deterioration of the structure requires further action to be taken immediately to preserve the integrity of the structure. A tender call for reinforcement of the bridge will be issued and work is likely to begin in February 2018.

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